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just read the brief pdf. In some point the author is very right. I think the world changed a lot after the Second World War, due to the fact that we have more resources available. Further I believe as we have more opportunists now a days, people are more demanding, which leads to the fact that they want more and the result is, that it is hard to satisfy the human being. In comparison to my grandparents, they had a hard live, due to the war, but overall I think this generation shows a greater happiness in live and balance.
Commenting on the wall street, it is not only a centre for speculation, I even believe these people are paranoid and would go over death to become millionaires. In fact it’s like a war, in my point of view.
Coming to debt, I do not think we will ever see a world without, due to the unequal wealth distribution as you mentioned. I think in the future the gap between poor and rich will get even greater, and middle class will not exist in the future.


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